WebViewer Lite

Reqwireless WebViewer Lite is an HTML Web browser for the Nokia 6310i, offering access to the same Web content on your Nokia 6310i that you get with any desktop browser. WebViewer Lite is not a WAP browser; it’s an HTML browser.

WebViewer Lite is a stripped down version of Reqwireless WebViewer, a more complete Web browser for mobile Java devices other than the Nokia 6310i. WebViewer supports images but WebViewer Lite does not.

WebViewer Lite supports the following features:

  • Browsing of HTML content
  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Cookies
  • Forms
  • Basic authentication
  • HTTP, mailto, FTP, and gopher URLs
  • Viewing of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, ZIP and Adobe PDF documents
  • Easy to use with no horizontal scrolling required
  • Support for Unicode and many character encodings

All this in just 30 KB!