Verizon Wireless Internet Bundles – Everything You Need to Know

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If you want a truly great home entertainment package, you need more than just a TV.  A good internet connection is now vital if you want to have full access to a wide range of programming. Verizon internet bundles claim to be able to take your TV viewing to a whole new level.  But is this the case, or is it just a marketing ploy?  Keep reading to find out.

Internet Service Options

Verizon has five different TV packages which can be bundled up with an internet package.  The highest package has over 285 different programs, whilst the smaller packages can be chosen based on your viewing needs.  However, in order to sign up for an internet bundle, you also need to decide upon an internet provider. Verizon also offers lots of Verizon wireless coupons that’ll get you free phones and a percentage off their internet bundles. Verizon partners with some of the leading companies in the country, including DirecTV, AT&T, and CenturyLink, to provide you with a fast, reliable internet connection at home.  By taking out an internet bundle, you are opening your home up to an even greater selection of programming options.

verizon wireless promo codeThe Benefits of Verizon Internet Bundles

Verizon is the number one TV provider in the United States, and the internet bundles that it offers have helped to grow their customer base even further.  Some of the benefits of these bundles include:

Freebies – Verizon tends to offer freebies with their internet and tv packages, whether they be tablets, older smartphones, and even dash cams.

It’s Cheaper – By taking out an internet and TV package throughVerizon, you are saving yourself money.  The bundle deals cut the cost of the internet, making it cheaper to purchase both through Verizon than to arrange deals with different providers.  Hundreds of dollars can be saved over the course of a year – money which can be spent on a shopping trip, or a holiday.

It’s Convenient – When you take out contracts with lots of different providers, it can be hard to keep track of your expenses.  By taking out a bundle package through Verizon, you can save yourself the hassle of numerous payments.  Instead, you will only have one monthly debit to think about, and you can order everything through just one phone call.

Elevate Your Entertainment – By taking out aVerizon package, you will not only get access to live programming, but you will also have access to an On Demand service, which enables you to watch TV programs and movies at a time that suits you.  Many of the On Demand shows are available a month before they are on Netflix too.

Watch TV Wherever You Are – The On Demand services fromVerizon can be watched on any television, laptop, tablet or handheld device that has a connection to the internet.  And, you can also record live TV shows to watch at a time that suits you.  Up to five TV shows can be recorded at once, and hours of entertainment can be stored on your HD DVR until you are ready to watch it.

Verizon is the United States’ number one entertainment provider, and for good reason.  Their internet bundles are more than worth the price, and can save families hundreds of dollars each year.

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