Reqwireless Java applications are a great way for Wireless Operators, Handset Manufacturers, and Resellers to increase revenue. View our PDF presentation for more information on these opportunities.

Increase Network Traffic
Reqwireless products use network bandwidth to send/receive web and email content.

Java-compliant Applications
Reqwireless products run on any J2ME MIDP compliant device, including phones from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, RIM, Sanyo, Siemens. Same application, any device.

High Consumer Satisfaction
Reqwireless products are among the most popular J2ME MIDP applications now available. Check out Handango and My-Symbian.

Product Differentiation
Reqwireless products bring the real web and a rich email experience to any mobile Java device.

Reselling Reqwireless Applications
Contact Reqwireless with terms and conditions on reselling Reqwireless products.

Reqwireless can customize our applications including custom logos, splash-screen, bookmarks, and more.

Opportunities for Reqwireless products include custom/branded versions for:

  • Devices
  • Memory cards
  • CDROM distributable
  • Website listings