Reqwireless builds rich, sophisticated, relevant, and portable developer toolkits and applications for mobile Java (J2ME) devices. By understanding the need to effectively combine standardized Internet technologies with the constraints of the mobile experience, Reqwireless gives the mobile developer a powerful tool-chest of technologies and mobile users a productive and fun suite of applications.

Reqwireless technology provides solutions for:

Mobile application developers
Our developer toolkits give mobile applications the ability to exchange, manipulate and display web and email content.

Wireless carriers
Our mobile applications are consumer-oriented and platform-agnostic, using wireless networks to exchange information with web and email servers.

Manufacturers of wireless Java devices
Our applications can complement any mobile Java environment and our developer toolkits can accelerate other mobile developers to build applications for your device.

Wireless application development environments
Our development toolkits combine with the graphical design and development nature of these environments to give mobile application developers a compelling development platform.

Our mobile applications give consumers the ability to experience real-world rich content that takes mobile devices beyond simple text and limited access devices.

Reqwireless’s portfolio of products includes the ReqwirelessWeb and ReqwirelessEmail development toolkits used to build rich, sophisticated and portable mobile applications including our own WebViewer, EmailViewer, GotMailViewer, and HotViewer mobile applications.

Founded in 2001 with a core competency in mobile architectures, HTML transcoding, wireless protocols and scalable systems, Reqwireless is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.