Coupons and Apps To Help You Remotely Access Your Computer.

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Want to remotely access your computer? Thanks to some new Android apps, you can do just that quickly and easily. You can also get some sweet coupon for Hotwire to help you buy software products like Norton for super-cheap as well.

Norton Coupon Codes

We have some norton antivirus promo codes for those that want to get Norton onto their computers. Norton has a remote management feature that enables you to use any of these apps and have it not interfere with Norton Security’s firewall.

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Android Apps:

With the right app, you can access and control your desktop computer through your Wi-Fi-connected Android smartphone or tablet. This remote capability comes especially handy when you are watching videos, making slideshow presentations, or playing video games. Here are five awesome apps for accessing your computer remotely and wirelessly. You can download them for free from the Google Play store.

Remote Mouse (Remote Mouse)

This free app works for both Mac and PC. It comes with a simulated keyboard, mouse, and touchpad. The Remote Mouse app also allows you to customize its remote control interface, remotely type through voice recognition, use the volume buttons for changing slides during a presentation, and connect via IP and QR code.

Unified Remote (Unified Intents)

This richly featured digital tool for your Android device combines multiple remote control apps, which include those designed for Google Presentation, Netflix, PowerPoint, Spotify, and VLC, as well as the basic simulated remote for the keyboard and mouse. There are 18 remotes you can use for free. Unified Remote’s paid version, on the other hand, offers more than 40 remotes for various digital tools, programs, and system settings.

Chrome Remote Desktop (Google Inc.)

The widely popular Chrome Remote Desktop app from Google enables you to easily access and control your computer through your Android smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to share access of your computer data with another user. Like the other remote computer access apps, the remote connection is done over the internet, so the target computer and the Android device must be connected to the Web. The Chrome Remote Desktop application, which you can download from the Chrome Web Store, should also be installed on the target computer.

PC Remote (PC Remote)

The PC Remote app is an easy-to-use and fully functional digital remote for use on your Android device connected to the same network as the target PC. It offers multi-gesture mouse and keyboard support, allowing you to use the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet to remotely operate your computer via traditional keyboard shortcut combination keys. With PC Remote, you can remotely log off and shut down your computer, as well as switch its monitor on/off or put it in sleep mode. You can also use it to remotely manage iTunes, Windows Media Center, PowerPoint, Hulu, and Netflix on your desktop.

Remote Computer (NV Mobile)

Like PC Remote, the target computer and the Android device must be connected to the same network. The target computer should also run Remote Computer’s server, which is available as a zipped file. Note that the default password of the zipped file is abcd1234. To change this, go to Settings, click Password Connect, and then enter your new password. Sporting an intuitive user interface with a clean design, Remote Computer is your basic mouse, keyboard, PowerPoint presentation, and multimedia remote control app.

So, don’t let the lack of a traditional remote control stop you from managing your desktop files and programs wirelessly. Pick from any of the five mobile apps mentioned above and remotely access your computer via the interface of your Android device.